And women are better drivers too..

“Some foreigners who have eaten their fill have nothing better to do than point fingers at us,” he told a Chinese audience in Mexico. “We don’t export revolution, poverty or hunger, and we don’t cause you any trouble, so what is there for you to complain about?”

A 2013 paper from Dutch scientists says the average vaccine took 10.71 years and had only a 6 per cent success rate from start to finish.

Why is SafeEntry not an app???

Store my ic on the app. Put a bt beacon at every building entrance. As i pass by the beacon the app will check in n out.

Or use tracetogether?

Tracetogether is open source right? Run a modified Tracetogether on an android phone at every entrance. Log every instance of tracetogether passing by.

So if you don’t use an android phone. Go get one of those tracetogether dongles.

Zzzlicious: Sleep-friendly fare

Fish rich in Omega-3, vitamin B and D: Salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines and herring
Serotonin foods: Kiwi
Melatonin foods: Tart cherries, oatmeal, walnuts
Tryptophan-rich foods: Turkey, tofu, miso, bananas, chicken, eggs, almonds and milk
Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT): Coconut oil
Fructose foods: Gelatin and raw honey
Magnesium- and zinc-rich foods: Oysters, clams, lobster, walnuts and dark leafy greens
GABA foods: Sprouted brown rice, white rice, miso, kimchi; chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm teas; reishi and wild shiitake mushrooms

Lets ban fossil fuels. Really.

If whole economies can be reprogrammed to eliminate the risk of a viral infection, then it must be possible to do the same for the sake of other, equally desirable social purposes. When the virus arrived, the same authorities who had always claimed nothing could be done about homelessness quickly found the resources to house the indigent. 

Kyc mail

Why is there no email or antispam service that replies by default with a link to a webpage with a captcha?

Maybe let it be valid for 24 hours or something.

If you solved the captcha then your mail drops into my inbox.

Or maybe you get a webform to say what you gotta say after the captcha. Maybe no attachments unless you fill in a webform and captcha..

Afterwards if i do reply to the mail it goes into a whitelist and you(or perhaps your domain?) don’t need to fill in captchas again.

There could tweaks like if you’ve solved the captcha then you get to email other addresses of my domain without the captcha requirement too.

Or even add the kyc kind of checks like… You get instructions to take a selfie holding a ok sign with your left hand and upload that.
And i get to add you to my whitelist after i look at the picture you’ve submitted…

I can even sort of imagine my phone doing this to incoming phone calls…it answers non-whitelisted numbers with…please dial seventeen plus the cube root of eight….hah