1. replace dying hdd with spare
  2. detach the dying hdd
  3. cfgadm -c unconfigure c2::dsk/c2t1d0
    cfgadm -c configure c2::dsk/c2t1d

Start the receiver first. This listens on port 9090, has a 1GB buffer,

and uses 128kb chunks (same as zfs):

mbuffer -s 128k -m 1G -I 9090 | zfs receive data/filesystem

Now we send the data, also sending it through mbuffer:

zfs send -i data/[email protected] data/[email protected] | mbuffer -s
128k -m 1G -O

zfs send tank/[email protected] | zfs recv spool/ds01
host1# zfs send -i tank/[email protected] tank/[email protected] | ssh host2 zfs recv newtank/dana

zfs send tank/[email protected] > /bkups/gozer.083006

zfs receive tank/[email protected] < /bkups/gozer.083006

zfs rename tank/gozer tank/gozer.old

zfs rename tank/gozer2 tank/gozer